That Felt Good

This story has nothing to do with anything important, its just a moment in my life that felt really good and I wanted to share.

Last night while bartending, on a Friday night, a few young ladies came up to order drinks. I immediately thought one of them look strikingly like a girl I went to high school with 30 years ago. When she told me the name on her tab I stopped. Her name was Autumn, the same as the girl from high school! I turned to her and asked if her Mom was also named Autumn.

“No,” she said, with a big smile, “Why?”

“You look exactly like a girl I once knew, and if she had a daughter, you’d be the right age.”

She continued to smile that big smile and look me right in the eyes, “You know who you look like?” she asked. (Is she flirting with me?)

I get this a lot, and the answer is always one of several celebrates, depending on who’s popular at the time. “No, tell me.”

“A really hot guy.”

I had not response. I was totally flustered in that moment, I probably blushed. You could tell she was really proud of herself and a little shocked at her boldness, especially since I’m clearly a few decades older than her. One of her friends gave her a silent “oh my god!” face in disbelief.

I will probably never see this woman again, but it felt really good to get such a compliment. One friend of mine tells me I have a “complicated relationship with getting older,” which is true. So being appreciated by a younger woman felt great.

Thank you Autumn, where ever you are.

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