Ah ha!

As I begin to work the process of social media marketing, I see how wrong I’ve been doing it.

First, I want to acknowledge how glad I am I signed up with Dean Holland as my coach. I’ve gotten a massive amount of real world, useful info so far that I see making a huge difference in my coaching business long term. Additionally, today, the rubber hits the road. As he outlined his “organic” marketing strategy, I was very excited to find out how much its about being ethical and attracting the right prospects as opposed to spamming and cold-messaging people. I’ve been targeted many times by people doing that and its uncomfortable and off-putting. I don’t want to build my business that way.

That being said, this type of marketing is work, real work. And will be a grind for awhile, but I can also see exactly how it will translate to my own business and products when I’m ready to move in that direction.

If you’ve tried social media marketing, what have you done and how has it worked for you? Check out the link in the side bar to get a better understanding of what I’m doing that IS working!

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